Using a 200Gb IDE HD recovered from dud TV recorder

  Diemmess 21 Jul 13

My ageing Panasonic digi Freeview box with HD recorder and DVD has died suddenly and been replaced.

Lifting the lid there are at least 2 electrolytics which have blown and the display had become too dim to read during daylight, so it was time to replace it.

The HD was fairly easy to remove and is a standard IDE Samsung HA200JC. I can fit it in a case as an external HD, but presume it will be unreadable to Windows XP and will need formatting. A pity because there are a few items recorded which I would like to save.

Is there a way to copy the contents into playable form by my PC or the new recorder which has a USB socket at the back?

  LastChip 22 Jul 13

Most recorders are Linux based.

If you plug the hard drive into a suitable computer and then boot the computer with a live Linux CD of your choice, the chances are you'll be able to access those files.

The reason you can't access them trough a Windows machine, is because the file system used cannot be read by Windows. There's a high probability is ext2 or 3.

  Diemmess 22 Jul 13

Thanks LastChip for the probable answer.

Sorry to say it won't be worth {to me] the time required, but I appreciate having your guidance.

  alanrwood 23 Jul 13

Arn't these drives encrypted or is that just Sky.

  Diemmess 27 Jul 13

Either way, it matters not! Mounted in a suitable case the motor doesn't even spin....

Utter 'ush. The case LED shines but that's all and I'm not in urgent need of another HD anyway.... to recyle tip!


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