Upgrade time again :)

  donki 31 Dec 07

Due an upgrade on my mobile on O2, the main ones that are catching my eye are the SE K850i and the LG LG KU990 Viewty. My last few phones have been Nokia, the present one being the N73, which in my opinion is terrible. It was good for the first few months then it began to become really slow and needed reset. It needs reset every month or so to keep it fast. Other problems with it are the camera turning off while in use and the loud speaker not working at all. It was sent back to O2 and each tiem the repair only lasted a month or so. So Im not wanting a nokia unless its a vast improvment. Any views on the LG and SE?


  Si_L 02 Jan 08

My girlfriend was given the option of a free phone recently, as she has a job selling mobiles at Orange. She has been on most of them and she didn't like the Viewty, and in the end went for the 850i.

  skidzy 20 Jan 08

I can echo the dislike for the LG Viewty,just received it and its not for me.
Im a plasterer by trade so the Viewty is not really practical anyway.

Going to buy the Motorola K1 Razor again as this has been really good to me over the past year.

  donki 22 Jan 08

I have to say I got my Viewty about a week ago, I wouldnt say i dislike it, but it does take alot of gettign used to. I have another week to decide if i will keep it.

Pros - good strong ringtones, excellent camera, crystall clear voice calls.

Cons - txting definitely isnt as fast as a conventional phone, the auto lock can be irritating.


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