Unlocked BlackBerry with 3

  Kate B 14 Aug 08

I suspect I'm going to be stuffed on this, but all thoughts and bright ideas are welcome.

I've been given an unlocked BlackBerry Pearl 8210 - a former review unit - by the PR. Stuck my 3 sim card in it and it works fine as a phone but it won't make a data connection. The sim is enabled for data, I've used it in loads of different handsets.

The spivvy-but-friendly-and-helpful lads in my local Fones4U reckon it's a nonstarter with 3. Their opinion is that 3 simply doesn't have settings for it, which makes sense as of course 3 doesn't sell the BlackBerry.

Before I give up, does anyone else have any thoughts?

  jaritch 14 Aug 08

You need a blackberry data plan. Don't know if 3 do them. Costs around a tenner a month with vodafone.

  Kate B 14 Aug 08

Thanks, jaritch, I already have all-you-can-eat data. In fact I seem - with a bit of help from a friend - to have got it working. I needed to enter 3's APN settings, which *crosses fingers* seem to have done the trick.

  jaritch 15 Aug 08

Glad you got it sorted Kate.


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