Ulead Video Studio - loss of quality DV to DVD

  eddiejackr 12:29 25 Oct 06

I have transferred from mini DV tapes to DVD using Ulead. The orig tape quality was good, but the DVD quality is really bad - it has gone very jumpy and blurred. Note orig footage quality good so it's not camera shake or focus. Ulead always gets a good write up and was good to use (albeit very slow to burn) so what am I doing wrong?

  GroupFC 13:48 25 Oct 06

I am afraid I don't know the answer to your problem, but have you had a trawl through the Ulead forum at click here ?

And in particular have a look at this, ehich gives a fairly comprehensive guide for getting the best results from Ulead click here

  GroupFC 19:07 25 Oct 06

I have just posted another message in other thread but have a look at this tutorial click here

  oseven 20:09 27 Oct 06

When you say that you have transferred to dvd did you first downloaded in AVI ,edited then created a dvd in mpeg2 format? If you did not do this you will get a bad finished product.

  eddiejackr 09:42 04 Dec 06

Group FC thanks for very useful links - I will follow up on the tutorials. (have been stting up home network - urggh - hence delay in getting on with the films!) Interestingly one of the tutorials starts by syaing don't think you can use ulead intuitively and get a good result! Just what i had done!

oseven - thanks - I'm not sure to be honest. I simply used the buttons on ulead that said capture video and later burn to disc.....

  eddiejackr 14:26 04 Dec 06

the links you gave are great Group FC - thanks - I'm fairly sure I'll get things sorted now. Don't know why I didn't find them before - but they are now on the ulead web site under forums billed as NEW - so perhaps they weren't right under my nose before! Anyway - I shall mark this thread resolved....thanks again

  David4637 19:57 04 Dec 06

I think it would be useful if you let us know whether you managed to sought out Ulead to give a good output, that way we could appreciate if there was something the matter with it or not? You did not say which version you were using? Thanks David

  anchor 14:13 05 Dec 06


  eddiejackr 19:13 05 Dec 06

I think the problem is the extent to which I was compressing the footage at the burn stage. At the moment I think my solution is to go for double sided DVDs so that I can burn at the best quality. Hope to try this out over the weekend. Will report back.

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