UK ring tone when abroad

  kesm111 08:40 03 Nov 14

I have a work mobile phone that is under the Vodafone network.

I need to go abroad for a week so I need my mobile number to ring with a UK ring tone.

How can I make this happen? I heard that some companies offer the option of buying a UK number from them, where your mobile calls will be diverted to, and then the call will be diverted back to your mobile number. Bit I am not sure where those companies are..

If someone can help I will be grateful.

Many thanks!

  alanrwood 09:30 03 Nov 14

If someone calls you whilst abroad the phone will still ring with the ring tone you set in the phone prefs. It won't change.

  kesm111 17:05 03 Nov 14

Sorry alan, my question has to do with the ring tone that other people hear when they ring me when I am abroad.

Can anyone help please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 03 Nov 14

They should hear whatever ringtone they have set for your number, regardless of where you ring from.

  alanrwood 20:11 03 Nov 14

Incoming ring tones are generated at the receiving end and not dependent on the location of the sender.

  AroundAgain 23:08 03 Nov 14

Hi If I understand your post correctly, I think you are asking if people who call you will hear the same ringing 'out', as they would when phoning you while you are in UK?

If so, then I think you'll find this ring out tone is the same, wherever you (the receiver of the call) are located. I appreciate if ringing abroad using landline, the ringing out tone is different for UK callers but that doesn't happen with mobiles, as far as I'm aware.

People phoning a mobile have no idea if the receiver of the call is within UK or abroad, as far as the ringing out tone is concerned.

Hopefully, you've got the answer to your question

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