Two RF In/Outs

  jack 09:00 03 Jan 09

My daughter left for home [50 miles off ] with her new PVR in the back of the car.
Before I wrapped it up I checked that it did indeed work- without going through the manual etc.

Then I thought this 'box' has two sets R/F in-out sockets.
One labeled Digital the other Analogue.
In my checking I deduced that the digital set connected to the digital TV.
Now I realize that when she gets to setting it up she will in all probability want to include the analogue VCR in the R/F 'chain'
She is a clever girl and I have no doubt she will sus it but, in anticipation - does this mean that to include the analogue VCR she will have to split the R/F feed?
or will the digital in/out serve all?

  Stuartli 14:00 03 Jan 09

If it's a Freeview PVR, it will serve both analogue and digital tuners (just as with a normal TV aerial to a Freeview set top box).

  100andthirty 14:28 03 Jan 09

Most devices like this have clear instructions as to what should be conncested to each socket.
If it's still not clear you need to quote make and model of the PVR

  jack 14:40 03 Jan 09

Now we shall wait for the phone call/E-mail
hopefully it wont come.

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