TV Problem

  Chas49 09 Jun 10

Is anyone here a T/v techie? I haved a problem with Digital on my Sony Bravia. Set was OK when switched off but - on switching on again later I have no sound on any of the digital channels. Switching over to analogue the sound reappeared. Playing disks from external units and again sound was there. From the internet too - only digital services giving trouble. Any ideas please?

  onthelimit 09 Jun 10

Try switching off at the wall switch for 30 secs then back on. Sometimes works for other kit when switching off at the set doesn't.

  Chas49 09 Jun 10

I'm completely gobsmacked. It worked!! Your help is greatly appreciated - for the life of me I couldn't understand why sound was heard from different inputs but not from the terrestrial aerial. This aerial passes through a Panasonic PVR and that was OK - I recorder 1 minute on it and it played back perfectly. That signal was fed through a scart connection to the TV. Sound was heard through an HDMI connection too. Assuming that all the inputs would route sound through the same circuit I was getting even more confused. As I said, thanks a lot.

  natdoor 09 Jun 10

The sound received via a terrestrial antenna is contained within the RF modulated signal. Together with the video it is reduced in frequency, amplified and then detected. The video and sound are then separated and the sound is routed to the audio amplifier and then to the speakers. Other inputs, such as Scart or composite video, have had this process performed in the source equipment and the audio is fed directly to the audio amplifiers. So only the final stage in the TV is common to all audio sources.


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