TV Interference

  Curio 15:58 26 Jun 09

We have a 14inch LCD TV in the kitchen which used to have a portable TV aerial attached. Picture was ropey to say the least. Upgraded to a wireless connection linking Lounge TV with it. What was on in the Lounge could be viewed in the kitchen. Picture improved dramatically, but is accompanied by interference that looks like a neighbouring device is running unsuppressed. Have checked the receiver and it works perfectly when attached to an upstairs TV. Have tried switching off Fridge/freezer, microwave and anything else electrical in the kitchen but no change. Can anyone offer any ideas as to what else I can try? Do not think it is coming from next door as the problem remains when they go on holiday and shut the house up.

  oresome 17:28 26 Jun 09

Can you attach the receiver to the TV via a long lead to allow you to move it around?

Then finding where the interference is strongest may lead you to the culprit.

Another possibility is that it's the TV itself. Try the kitchen TV upstairs where you had known good results.

  wiz-king 17:56 26 Jun 09

Change the channel on the wireless conection, that may make a differance.

  Curio 18:27 26 Jun 09

Tried the channel change earlier. Unfortunately made no difference.
Will try the Kitchen TV upstairs tomorrow morning

  laurie53 20:12 26 Jun 09

Wireless connection?

Does your neighbour have one too?

  Stuartli 23:55 26 Jun 09

Just could be the signals interference from Continental TV transmitters due to weather conditions.

  Curio 15:12 27 Jun 09

Tried Kitchen TV upstairs. Much improved picture but still slight interference. Changing SCART leads to gold-plated ones made no difference. Is it the TV itself or maybe the transmitter/receiver causing this? Back to square one consulting manuals on their trouble-shooting pages.

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