tv ghosting

  great dog 12:37 21 Oct 08

For no apparent reason we have ghosting on our tv,nothing has changed,and have not had it before,so what could be the main reasons,i have checked all leads and 26"tv,dvd player,external goodmans freeview box and an old jvc vhs player all connected together.

  oresome 12:50 21 Oct 08

Is the ghosting on digital transmissions or analogue?

By ghosting, I assume you mean a second or more images to the right of the original, rather than another picture in the background.

  great dog 12:54 21 Oct 08

Its on digital,and if you put a black screen up you can see another channel faintly flickering.

  oresome 13:12 21 Oct 08

I think what you're seeing is X view which is probably caused by poor screening on the scart cables employed.

The cables carry signals to and from devices on different wires and signals can transfer from one wire to another if they are not screened with an outer braid or foil.

I had a similar problem that was resolved by removing a scart switching box and simplifying the cabling between devices.

  jack 16:31 21 Oct 08

depending on your geo location and the weather.
If you signal is OK normally then goes Ghostie
and you live in the East or Southern areas of UK
Then a High Pressure weather front can cause this problem from near continental stations.
Particularly if your transmitter is East of you.
IE your aerial points to the continent.

  ICF 18:22 21 Oct 08

Read this click here

  BT 08:01 22 Oct 08

Cross channel interference can also be caused by too strong a signal from the aerial. I had this problem when I lived fairly close to Crystal Palace. An aerial attenuator may be the answer. A 6dB will probably sufficient.

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  Stuartli 18:30 22 Oct 08

Try moving the cables around, keeping them well seaprated, to see if it reduces/removes the interference.

I used to get the problem with a Freeview set top box housed at the bottom of a TV cabinet and discovered this cured the problem.

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