Transferring contacts to iPhone 5

  Skinn 05 Mar 13

Hi,I want to transfer the address book of an old phone to my iPhone 5. Can't use the SIM as it's a standard one. I've thought about sending each contact to the iPhone via sms in the form of a Vcard but is there a better way?

The contacts are on a Sony Ericcson k300i which I've borrowed to transfer my contacts to (via SIM back-up) as my other phone was even older.

Is there a way of synchronising between the two devices? If so could you possibly provide step-by-step instructions as I'm not tech savvy :">?

Otherwise what would be the quickest way to input multiple contact details?

Thanks in advance

  bremner 07 Mar 13
  tech-ultrasonic 08 Mar 13

Use your PC as a bridge between the two. Apart from that, there is no other way to do it.

  alikhan 15 Mar 13

hi, follow the steps below:

Step 1-Ensure that your Android phone is synced with your Gmail account. Step 2-On your iPhone;select Settings,Choose 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' Select 'Add Account' Finally, choose Microsoft Exchange. Step 3-On the next screen, enter your details into the following fields. Email and Password, Then select Next. Step 4 -On the next screen, enter your details into the following fields.

Email: this should be pre-populated with your Gmail email address
Domain:leave this field empty
Password: this should be pre-populated with your Gmail password
Description: this should be pre-populated with your preferred label e.g. 'Gmail' Then select Next.

Step 5- Next,choose which aspects of your Gmail account you would like to sync with your iPhone by switching each On:


Finally select Save and press the home button.

Good Luck!

  purplepig 19 Mar 13

im gonna try this too now thanks


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