Transfer photos from Galaxy ace to PC

  Bee Jay S 28 Nov 13

Could anyone tell me how to transfer photos from my Galaxy ace gallery to my PC. Thanks

  QuizMan 28 Nov 13

It depends where the photos are saved. If they are on a micro SD card(and with phone connected to PC by USB cable) you should be able to use the pull down menu and then tap "USB connected" section and then tap the "Connect storage to PC" button. After that you use Windows Explorer.

Alternatively, if the photos are in the phone memory I think you need to use Samsung Kies program, the software for which should have been included with the phone.

  Zak 28 Nov 13

How about emailing the pics to yourself from the mobile and pick them up on your PC?

  Zak 28 Nov 13


I should have added that this is only an option if you have unlimited Data or within your allowance.

  AroundAgain 29 Nov 13

You can connect your phone to your pc, using a micro-usb to usb cable. Then it should show in your pc as another drive. (It may take a while to install the necessary drivers before it will show up as another drive.

Then you can access your photos on your Ace, most likely in DCM folder, then you can either cut/paste, click/drag etc to the preferred destination folder on your PC

I've just done this for a friend this morning, from her Ace to PC

  bremner 02 Dec 13

Use Samsung Kies software

click here


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