Transfer music from keyboard for CDs

  carper 04 Oct 13

I wish to make some recordings from my (music) keyboard to create music CDs. Ha anyone experience of this and what do I need in the way of programmes. My only output is the headset plus and normal Midi connections. They keyboard is capable of recording to the old type Floppy disk. I am running Windows 8 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Carper

  mart7 04 Oct 13

can you give me some more info please?

Is it a midi keyboard only,ie the sounds your playing are coming from the pc,or is it a keyboard with internal sounds?

Are you wanting to record to the pc then master to cd?

How are you recording? live or to a sequencer based program?

  carper 05 Oct 13

Thanks for your reply. The keyboard has full on board sounds with internal memory on which to record but will then only save to the old type floppy discs. There are full midi connections to connect to other midi devices. I wish to transfer to PC to burn CDs. There is also the Headphone outlet jack. Regards Carper

  mart7 10 Oct 13

hi really theres 2 alternatives,using your onboard sounds to record direct to a multitrack recorder click here just use the keyboard as a midi instrument purchase a computer sequencer,use some plug ins for the sounds and record and master cd

click here


  carper 23 Oct 13

Thanks for your reply. I have found that I can can simply copy to music by connecting to the headphone socket and connecting the the microphone input on my computer, using the free programme Audacity. Sorted regards Carper

  mart7 23 Oct 13

I would have suggested that as its the easiest method but everything you record in that way is a WAV file,which will be a huge file which will then require conversion to mp3 etc

  carper 24 Oct 13

Thanks for your comments, I will not be recording large amounts, so file size will not matter. I have also been recommended Magix which another free programme. Thanks again for interest Regards Carper


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