tomtom now on android

  sunnystaines 17:11 05 Oct 12

needs android 2.2 and above, thinking about it anyone got the download can give feedback please

good point life time map updates included about time tomtom done this

  morddwyd 18:55 05 Oct 12

Thank you.

I've been waiting for that, as I always thought it was the best.

Watch this space!

  sunnystaines 18:59 05 Oct 12


bad news will not work with modern smartphones with good displays only early smartphones. i have emailed TT asking for the release date for modern smartphones apparently will wok on galaxy 2 but not a galaxy3

  morddwyd 19:00 05 Oct 12

Well, that's soon sorted. "Not Compatible With Tour Device"

I have a Galaxy note. If I remember you've got an S3.

Wonder if it's all Samsungs?

  Woolwell 22:29 06 Oct 12

It told me that it is compatible with my Galaxy S1. But I'm now worried how it knew I had a Galaxy S1.

  Woolwell 22:32 06 Oct 12

morddwyd - did you see the review that someone got it to work on a Note after a work round. It has potential, but rough at the edges apparently.

  morddwyd 08:26 07 Oct 12


No I didn't!

Can you point me to it?

Don't need a link, just somewhere to start looking.

  morddwyd 08:28 07 Oct 12

" But I'm now worried how it knew I had a Galaxy S1."

I had the same.

I think it gets it from your Play account.

  Woolwell 14:34 07 Oct 12

John Oct 6th review Play google com store. You may need to expand to see all reviews. Unfortunately he doesn't describe the workround.

  morddwyd 19:58 07 Oct 12


It's a lot of money to spend without knowing what the workaround is!

I might stay with Sygic, which uses TomTom maps and traffic info anyway, a little while longer!

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