Tom Tom One Updates SD Card

  SURVEY 11:42 04 Mar 08

Just had my Tom Tom One V2 delivered (the one with an SD Card slot). Am struggling a bit with the software. Tryig to update the GB Map. I have taken a back-up of the card as delivered and this has Version 7.162 software. Can anyone tell me if this is the latest version please?

When I go to Update I am told that there is an 'Important Update' - then when I click yes to install, a message comes up saying 'Can't install this item Ephemeris file - This file is included with the item but should not be there: lto.dat'

Can one just download latest updates to the computer rather than the device?

  SURVEY 11:50 04 Mar 08

I believe that the QuickGPSfix update is not applicable to the Tom Tom One, am I correct?

  anchor 12:13 04 Mar 08

For better information on matters relating to TomTom, I recommend this forum:

click here

  SURVEY 18:57 04 Mar 08

anchor - thanks, have tried the forum. I have now found that the 7.162 version refers to the Application software and I think that is the latest. However, the map GB&I is version v675.1409 and I am not sure if this is the very latest. If not, does one hae a free update to the latest map software on delivery of the satnav or is it only the Application software that one is entitled to as a free update?

  Al94 19:34 04 Mar 08

Good forum here click here for satnav issues.

  anchor 09:01 05 Mar 08

As I understand it you are entitled to a free map update within 6 months of purchase.

Application software, when applicable to your model, has no time limit.

If you have any questions regarding this, contact TomTom on 0845 161 0009

  anchor 09:07 05 Mar 08

I meant to add, that I have no idea if your map version v675.1409 is the latest for your model. You would need to ask TomTom.

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