tft monitor wont stay on

  nonowtatall 23:07 10 Nov 09

I have a gericom 19"TFT monitor and when i switch my computor on nothing comes on the screen as it used to do so I press the start switch the sceen comes on then goes of again it does this repeatedly till it comes on and stays on sometimes when starting up i just hold the button till it comes on permanet as you hold the button it comes on then off then on it can take a miute or so till it finally stays on I have tried to contact gericom but can find no support

  Kevscar1 10:27 11 Nov 09

The search engine is your friend.

from first result

click here

scroll down to the bottom look for GB in the list of phone numbers. Take off the first 0

  nonowtatall 10:46 12 Nov 09

hi kevscar
i had a look at the site tried the number found that it did not exist without the zero so i tried the orignal number with the double zero and found i was in germany pressing key one foe french and english then i rambled on telling me it was costing loads of money so i dissconeced then there must be somewhere local also my 3 year guarentee has run out it must be some thing that causes it not to start and stay on it took 4 mins this morning to get it to stay on any way how can they mend it if it is a electrical or internal problem on the phone any more ideas have you seen this before or do these tft screens only last a few years if so i may have to buy a new one

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