REALLYHOPELESS 16:41 03 Apr 08

I have just installed my digi box - scart lead to video recorder, scart lead to tv. I am having problems taping - the picture is coming out B&W - what have I done wrong? help!!

  lofty29 16:47 03 Apr 08

Are you using good scart leads, is vhs set to PAL, is scart set on vhs to correct scart in

  REALLYHOPELESS 16:49 03 Apr 08

um ..... I said I was hopeless! how do I know its a good scart lead?

  lofty29 16:50 03 Apr 08

ps how did you set up your freeview box as well

  lofty29 16:51 03 Apr 08

Some of the cheapy's are not good

  lofty29 16:54 03 Apr 08

try connecting freeview direct to tv and see what result you get this will eliminate where the problem lies

  REALLYHOPELESS 16:57 03 Apr 08

Freeview works fine - great picture on it - I just have a problem when trying to tape ....

  lofty29 17:39 03 Apr 08

If your freeview box is is working ok then it is the way it is setup in relation to your vhs that is causing the problem, is it set to video on the setup screen, the only other possiblity that I can think of is a compatability conflict which sometime accurs

  Stuartli 17:39 03 Apr 08

Most likely you need to choose the L1 or L2 channel (these were originally intended to record satellite channels).

  laurie53 18:10 03 Apr 08

Every time this has happened to me (more than once!) it has been because I have set the wrong standard (PAL, SVHS, RGB, composite or any combination thereof!).

  REALLYHOPELESS 09:29 04 Apr 08

I think I am choosing the right channel (put it this way, its the only channel that will actually show a picture - the rest just show black ...) and I have changed the video to PALS, but it then automatically changes back to AUTO! I have checked all of the leads and they all seem to be firmly plugged in ..... and I'm still getting B&W recording ....

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