Tablet pc as mobile phone

  yeti 1 25 May 11

Hi, I have a query on the tablet pc's out on the uk online sites, is how many of the brands and models can also be used as mobile phones, obviously with headphones or hands free unless you want to look like you have just come from the 80's with your big blocker brick phone!. I would be grateful if you could please reply to my question, as I have always purchased big screen phones like HTC HD2 and the one I'm using at the minute the HTC Desire HD, which is in my opinion the best phone on the market, and I have gone through a lot of phones. I am asking as I have a health condition (one of many!)and the bigger the screen when my vision becomes blurry the better for me, but I like all the things the HTC has on my phone, so I am hoping that the new HTC Flyer can convert as phone, if not then it has to be the most recommended by both users and experts as this will become my phone as my daughter wants my Desire. I thank you for all of your help, and look forward to hearing from you soon. JO

  bremner 26 May 11

Don't know of a tablet that can make calls - the Flyer certainly doesn't.

It has been rumoured that the 7" Asus Memo which they claim will launch here in Q3 may have phone capability. Click here

  JoeC 26 May 11

My daughter has the Samsung Galaxy Tab and it can be used as a mobile phone. If you have it at your ear you look a proper plonker so it is best used on speakerphone.

  bremner 26 May 11

Apologies - I thought the Galaxy Tab needed a hack to make the phone functional but realise that this is clearly not the case.

  Ashrich 01 Jun 11

The Dell Streak is also a mobile phone .


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