Syncing Iphone

  Cara2 14 Apr 10

When syncing my Iphone (Outlook 2007), does my phone mirror my desktop or will my desktop mirror my Iphone?

If I have added say, a contact to my Iphone, but not my comp will I loose it? And vice versa.

Not an easy question to explain!

  Noels 16 Apr 10

Hi Cara2
First of all make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. Then go into info and just tick the boxes for which you want to sync your phone with your computer.
My experience is that this will as you say produce a mirror image, certainly of your computer address book onto your phone and I believe the otherway round. I don't see why not.
Hope this helps

  john bunyan 16 Apr 10

I think that , unlike other iPods, the IPhone and iPod touch are mini computers and you can choose to synch from the PC to the iPhone or the reverse. One of my grandchildren has a touch, and usually she synchs on my PC (I set it not to auto synch by "Edit/Preferences/Devices" and check the box "Do not auto synch") She sometims gets aps or tunes via her hotmail account on another PC's wireless network and these come on to my PC later. See Here:
click here

  Cara2 16 Apr 10

I have not come across the option to sync from PC to phone or reverse.

So ... are we saying that anything I have added to my IPhone goes to the computer and anything I have added to the commputer goes to my IPhone, in one synch?

Sorry to be so dim!

  Noels 16 Apr 10

You are not being dim but do you have iTunes on your computer? If not open it up it from Google. Then connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable when you should see your phone recognised on the iTunes page, click on this to open your phone details. Then go to INFO along the top bar and follow the various tick boxes regarding you want or don't want to sync. Then click the sync box bottom right of the page.
Hope this helps. Off to bed now!

  Cara2 16 Apr 10

I do have ITunes. Will give it another look.

Thanks everyone.


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