Strong SRT5203 (footage playback on DVD player)

  diskDEfragmenter 16:28 PM 04 May 10

I have recently bought Strong SRT5203 DVB-T reciever. It has USB
recording option. For recording I use Kingston USB stick with 8GB capacity.
I record in MPEG PS format so I can later work with these files on my computer.
If the footage lasts longer than half an hour, the reciever devides the
footage on equal parts (each part lasts approximately half an hour).
It would have to burn on a DVD disc without any problems and watch on DVD player
(my Home Theatre System is LG HT 202SF).
But when I want to watch that DVD on my player, I notice huge
desynchronization between video and sound. I tried to join these files into
one large file, but the playback stops on the merge places; and if I convert
them into any other format, there is a huge desynchronization again. The same
thing happens when I make a DVD-video disc with a menu.
If the footage lasts less than half an hour, it is in one file and the
playback on DVD player is fine (except when I scan).
Is there a way to "force" this reciever to capture TV program in only one file?
Why does it divide footage on parts?
This problem happens only with the files from the reviever. The playback of
any other .mpg file is fine and smooth.
Any suggestion is welcome! Thanks a lot!!!


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