Storing photos while travelling

  Severn Bore 13:56 17 Jun 08


I am seeking advice on how I can store photos during a 3 week visit to Western Canada. I don't want to buy loads of CF ards and the Epson/Canon storage/viewers ( although I would love either) are a bit too pricey.

Is there any means of downloading photos directly onto a normal portable hard drive, or is a computer essential.

Alternatively, does anyone know whether in that part of Canada it would be easy to do this at a cybercafe?

Any advice would be very welcome.

  jack 17:07 17 Jun 08

Go to a DigiPhoto Processor and get them burned on to CD.
Most Drugstores and similar like ours, will have DIY booths

  ^wave^ 19:05 17 Jun 08

if you have an ipod then load on there you need the camera adapter
or buy one very large card

  peter99co 20:27 17 Jun 08

I have bought a media drive which has a card reader built in from Maplin. You put your own hard drive in and it will connect to a PC or a TV. You can put loads of photo's and music on according to the size of the hard drive you fit.
It even has a remote. Comes with all the cables.

  hssutton 22:50 17 Jun 08

I use use the Jobo Giga 1 40gb click here

Mind you I was lucky and bought one for £40, small enough to fit in your pocket. The battery power was more than sufficient for my holiday 15 days and I stored 24 Gb of photos

  Marko797 13:33 18 Jun 08

i recently bought 1gb picture card for my Olympus for £8.49 delivered from 7dayshop. Holds in excess of 1000 fotos.

How many fotos are u thinking of taking?

Why buy an additional piece of kit?

Makes no sense to me.

  Severn Bore 13:57 18 Jun 08

Thansk to all who have responded. At the rate I take photos I expect to take about 40gigs worth of RAW file on my Canon 40D. Having read your views and having given it some thought, I think I shall just increase my stock of CF cards so that there is no risk of losing data during transfer to another device, although I quite liked the Jobo device. They are also light and portable. Shall probably keep to relative small capacity cards (no more than 8Gb) in case of failed/lost cards.7day shop are currently offering 8Gb Dane-Elec CF cards for just under £18.

  hssutton 23:09 18 Jun 08

In over five years of using portable storage I've never lost an image, must admit to saving to both laptop and portable storage. Personally I wouldn't use cards in excess of 4Gb.

Dane compactflash are reliable, well at least the smaller sized cards. I've Dane cards which are several years old, never had a problem using them on my 30D & 5D.

Marko797 A lot depends on what type of camera you use, a typical image file from my Canon 5D equates to 11 or put another way, approx 60 images per Gb, not in excess of a 1000

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