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  maidwasoft 29 May 12


How do I clone my HDD to my new clone SSD ? I have a 500GB hard drive in my computer currently, and there is about 115GB of data being used in total. I recently also purchased a SSD with 128GB capacity. There should be enough space to copy everything I currently have into the new SSD - but how would this be done?

Plz help and suggest me.

Thanks for your suggestion

  KRONOS the First 29 May 12

To be absolutely honest you do not want to copy everything from your 500Gb hard-drive (HDD. What is best is to install a fresh copy of your Windows operating system onto the SSD and then reinstall your favorite programs also.

You can then copy all your personal files,music,photographs,videos and documents to the SSD then completely wipe your old 500GB drive and use it as a backup.

I have a Crucial M4 128GB SSD which has my operating system and programs on, I then have 2 x 1TB HDD's. One I use as my main storage and have moved all the MY folders to, using this method.Moving user Docs etc. The other HDD has my large Steam games installation and all non Steam games.

By the way you should have this in either the Helproom or Absolute Beginners forums people might not see it here.

  daxian 29 May 12
  Lazarus The 2nd 29 May 12

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