Speed camera detectors

  Marko797 17:47 08 Nov 09

Can anyone recommend one of the above for in car use, & one which doesn't require a full technically complex installation process, please?

I'm looking for one which not only does the fixed site cameras, but also one which is able to detect speed cameras used by mobile detection vehicles.

Thnx in advance.

  Kevscar1 18:46 08 Nov 09

If you kept to the speed limits you wouldn't need one.

  JoeC 22:59 08 Nov 09

click here

I have one and they are good (but a tad pricey). They also detect laser van / gun.

  mole44 05:39 09 Nov 09

I use Right foot and brain",100% accurate and if used will guarantee NO speeding tickets,well it works for me ,benn driving since 1964 i`ve had no accidents or speeding tickets.Oh it`s available from your local waist and above your neck and will cost you nothing including V.A.T. Hope that helps

  Cymro. 11:26 09 Nov 09

I only wish I could be so wonderful.

  Chris the Ancient 17:34 09 Nov 09

with JoeC.

I used to have one, and keep it updated regularly.

Initial cost is a bit high - and so is the update subscription.

Have you thought of a cheaper Sat-Nav like this click here and a (cheaper) subscription to an update site such as click here ?

It might actually work out less in the longer run.

  mole44 04:21 11 Nov 09

Cymro i`m far from a "perfect driver",but i keep to the rules of the road and concentrate on driving.sorry if you thoght i was wonderful, i`m not i can assue you.

  Kevscar1 10:23 11 Nov 09

Well I've had 1 ticket my own fault so paid without trying to come up with an excuse or get out of it.
Personally I would make detectors illegal as it enoourages people to speed where they know they won't be caught.

  Chris the Ancient 09:14 12 Nov 09

Road Angel has a supplementary detector which will detect lasers.

  oldbeefer2 19:47 12 Nov 09

'Road Angel has a supplementary detector which will detect lasers'. It does, and I have one going begging (for a sensible price) if you're interesed.

  AlanHo 21:05 16 Nov 09

My experience is that the Road Angel active radar detector lets you know too late. By the time it detects the radar beam you have been "done".

I now rely on my Garmin Nuvi sat-nav for speed camera warnings and use the data base available from Poccket GPS World.

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