Speaker RMS output

  Ex plorer 29 Apr 11

Hi Can some one tell me the true RMS of this Bowers Zeplin air. http://www.cbntechnologies.com/2011/03/bowers-wilkins-zeppelin-air-review.html Scroll down to specifications. 4x25w + 50w my son thinks its 150 RMS,
I am thinking 100 RMS.

  Ex plorer 29 Apr 11

Found this link http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061021074608AAnEQOS so I guess to find ou i will have to look up what the AMP out put is to find out.

  Ex plorer 29 Apr 11

Just found this link also for the amp so I guess the amp can drive 150 Watts but is that true RMS. http://www.bowersandwilkins.co.uk/zeppelin%20airplay.html

  wiz-king 29 Apr 11

My guess is about30Watts max. From the power in 100w and allowing for an 85% conversion and efficiency of 30% in the amplifiers.

  Ex plorer 30 Apr 11

wiz-king thanks for your answer. Seems it has 5 amlifires one for each speaker. The unit borrows the 25mm Nautilus tube tweeter design (and doubtless some matching DSP wizardry) first seen on the brand’s MM-1 PC speakers. Behind each tweeter and 75mm mid-range driver sits a 25W amp module; the Air’s125mm subwoofer has its own surly 50W engine.

  wiz-king 30 Apr 11

With a power in of 100w you cant get more than that out even if there is no loss in the system. They may be quoting 'music power' like most other amplifier makers, as there is no indication on the spec of the measurement method. Even if it is, as I said, 30w then it should be loud enough!

I notice tha all their units seem to give more out than they take in - they have invented a new law of phhsics! grin Eg. •Amplifier power output - 2x18W •Rated power consumption - 15W


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