space for big tv

  Mitchdust 09:16 12 Jun 12

I want to buy a big 3d tv but my appartement is too small. Is there a solution to this problem?

  dungakim 09:41 12 Jun 12

Umm... Move to a bigger apartment? Lol I don't know how big you want it but you should check out lg's 55" LW980T. The TV looks bigger than its actual size because it has a really thin bezel. Also the tv itself is pretty thin, something like 20mm.

  john bunyan 21:24 12 Jun 12

Have you considered a projector TV with a pull down screen?

  aiato 06:24 03 Jul 12

The only best solution may be finding largest possible size of 3D TV that can fit in your apartment. What is the width of your apartment? Such questions would be easier to answer if you could provide more information. 55’’ may be too large. You should be probably looking for 42’’ TVs instead of 55” LW980T. LG’s LM 620T, LM660T models come in 42” sizes. Or you can also watch movies on your wall using projectors. But you won’t experience same picture quality as 3D TVs.

  Rooney85 07:42 04 Sep 12

I think you'd better give more details like how big your room is.

  BT 09:16 04 Sep 12

There is a way to determine the optimum size of TV for a room

Formula for TV size


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