Sony XDRDS12IP iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock with Clock Radio Function

  awest3 19 Sep 11

Hi, I bought the above mentioned item, a basically an alarm with Dab radio, speakers and connectivity for an Ipod. My problem is that as soon as I attach the ipod through the ipod connection in the base unit (classic version 3) the ipod locks up. I thought it might be the system so I got a replacement. I tried a newer (borrowed) Ipod and that worked ok, but I still had the same problem. If I connect though the mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm jack then it works ok. It is sold as being compatible with all Ipods, I've tried to send an email to Sony but their system is so complicated I gave up.

Any ideas welcomed.. Thanks


  kmottram3 19 Sep 11

Just an idea have you tried updating your ipod?

  kmottram3 19 Sep 11

have you tried updating your ipod software from itunes? let me know if you manage to fix your issues as i was planning to purchase one myself.

  awest3 19 Sep 11


Yes. That was the first thing I tried...but I was already on the latest ipod firmware version.

They sometimes have them on show in comet/Currys etc in the high street.. It may be worth your while to take your ipod in and test it against one on the shelf.

As I mentioned it worked perfectly ok with a later version of the ipod.

Thanks for replying.


  awest3 12 Nov 11

Just as an update. My Iphone 4s arrived a couple of weeks ago and works perfectly in this machine.

Never did the ipod classic to work though.



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