Sony Televisions

  haricot 15:52 19 Aug 08

Sorry to come back to this particular hang-up but being interested in a 40 Inch Sony LCD I have discovered that sony have more than 50 differnte models of 40 Inch T/V's and all with differnt letters and numbers in their Models No's.

How can we ( the great untrained ) tell which one does what and to what degree. In other words how can we define which is the best to get.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

  jack 16:38 19 Aug 08
  haricot 17:02 19 Aug 08

Thanks for that Jack but what I really want is for someone to tell me what the differences are between :- X,E,W,V,D,S,P, and U series.....all being 40 Inch Sony LCD T/V's.

I dont want detail but a general outline so that ,as I said , us mere mortals can try and work out why we should choose one against the other.

Thanks anyway.

  john bunyan 17:45 19 Aug 08

Dont forget to consider Panasonic equavalent models. One of their latest 40 in has a built in HD tuner ready for Freesat HD

  martytoon 18:03 19 Aug 08

Agree that the number of different models is confusing to say the least. My recommendation would be to browse the various reviews that you will find online. Couple of good sites I've found are click here

and click here

Also there's a lot of advice available here click here

If it's specifically a Sony that you're after are you near a Sony Centre? I got some excellent advice from my local centre a few years ago and they were happy for me to try out the TVs to my hearts content with no pressure to buy.

  jack 18:46 19 Aug 08

Ask the right question a Goo has the answer
So start here
click here

  haricot 18:54 19 Aug 08

Thanks to John , Jack and martytoon, Thanks for those pointers . Much appreciated.

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