Sony RDR-V410

  User-178362 15:25 05 Feb 07

Can anyone help me with settings please.

  Kate B 15:31 05 Feb 07

Settings for what? Please be more specific.

  User-178362 16:04 05 Feb 07

Video Cassette Recorder/DVD Recorder, (Combi). I made a mistake in finalising, now I am in Timer / Dubbing / Setup. I cannot get into Disk Settings. I am supposed to click on System menu to come out of it but every time I click on Sytem Menu again to get back in, it keeps taking me back to the same setup when I should be able to click on all six options, i.e Disk Settings.

  User-178362 16:12 05 Feb 07

Done, Back to Factory Settings but still the same. Only 4 months old never use it. I bought it off Amazon. Not sure who to contact.

  anchor 16:25 05 Feb 07

I have no idea, and cannot find your model listed, but try contacting Sony;

by telephone:

08705 111 999 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.(7.9p per minute)

  User-178362 16:59 05 Feb 07

Thank you for the number, I will leave this up for a little longer in case someone has the same model. Model number should be RDR-VX410. I missed the X off.

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