Sony HDR-SR12 Video Camera

  LeedsLass 13:56 15 Jun 09

I'm going to buy one of these (I think) but just wondered if anyone had any views (good or bad) on it or if you have any recommendations for a better video camera than this one.

Thanx in advance

  ArrGee 22:19 07 Aug 09

It would certainly help if you can describe your usage for the cam. Is it for holiday shots or more pro work?

  LeedsLass 10:37 08 Aug 09

It is just for holidays but we watch them a lot when we get back which is why we want High Def. Don't need anything special from the camera itself - prefer to have a decent optical zoom and a viewfinder and steady shot. We take a lot of video when we are away (5-8 hours usually over two weeks) and do enjoy watching when we're home so want great quality.

I've since found the HDR-XR500 and am now seriously considering that instead, so any views greatly appreciated.

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