Sony DSC-W300 camera LCD problem

  c4rm0 09 Feb 10

i bought a Sony DSC-W300 digital camera about 1 year ago and since then the screen is getting gradually worst. Its like the LCD is peeling away its hard to explain. I have kept the camera in a case all the time and i have never got it wet ect

I have uploaded a pic so you can get a rough idea

click here

anyone know what has caused this and how much to get it repaired?

  jack 09 Feb 10

If so returnit to vendor pronto
Also contact support at Sony.

Just be aware as a general principle- little electronic gadjets do not get repaired.
And because it is a mass produced item it is possible this is not an isolated case- so Sony may have a recall in place.

  anchor 10 Feb 10

I would approach Sony at the highest level; Certainly one should not expect to pay around £200 and it only last around 1 year. The sale of goods act should cover this.

If you feel capable of replacing the screen yourself, a new one is available here at reasonable cost;

click here

  canarieslover 10 Feb 10

Silly question, could it be a peel off protective cover? A lot of screens have these on when shipped.

  anchor 11 Feb 10

canarieslover: Good point; worth investigating.

  c4rm0 11 Feb 10

i bought the Camera from Ebay so no warrenty :( i have the original box / paperwork though

Canarieslover - i did original think it was a screen protector cover but i have tried picking at the edges but it doesnt come off and also when i press it down and move my fingers across the marks dont move

I have Emailed Sony support so i will see what they have to say about it



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