Sony 32" Bravia TV in demo or display mode?


Sorry if this string of a bit off the beaten track.
I have recently bought a 32" Sony Bravia TV KDL-32P3550.
It appears to be set on a demonstration setting as every minute or so a two vertical strips of images appear on the screen , one on each side.
The images show the features the TV has enabled within its self. e.g. Freeview, digital, USB etc. There 6 - 8 or so each side of the screen stacked on top of each other. On the r.h. side the top image is a Sony Beaver logo image.
I cant find a way of getting rid of these annoying images for good. Any button on the remote clears them but only for a minute or so. If left the images disappear but only to reappear a minute or so later. I can't see anything in the menu to sort the problem out.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  John B 26 Oct 09

do a factory reset?

  BRYNIT 26 Oct 09

The only reason the TV would be in Demo mode is it has already been set-up by some one or that it could have been used on display in the shop. Did you buy this TV as new or ex display.

I can not find the user Manual on the Sony web site so would suggest contacting the shop you purchased it from.

As John B you may need to do a factory reset not sure if this information would be in the Manual.


many thanks, yes it was the last one bought from a supermarket special offer. It was the one on display.
Going back to factory settings sorted it. Thanks again


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