Sky Not 'Sticking' On TV

  dogbreath1 30 Aug 10

I have a Sony Bravia KDL-37P3020 LCD TV which has an integral freeview receiver.

To this, I have a Sky+ HD box connected on the AV2 - SAT channel.

When both machines are turned on, the TV defaults to it's internal freeview tuner. Is there a way I can force the TV to default to the Sky box signal??

  natdoor 30 Aug 10

I believe that your TV has HDMI inputs and using one of these will give an HD picture on a Sky HD channel. I assume that the AV2 input is Scart. Using this, if you switch the TV on and then the Sky box, you will probably find that the TV will transfer to Sky automtically.

  BRYNIT 30 Aug 10

It could be the scart lead is not fitted correctly or may be faulty.

Just a thought to get the full benefit of the HD channels you should connect the Sky+HD box via a HDMI cable to the TV.

  dogbreath1 31 Aug 10

Thanks for the responses. The connection is currently by scart, but I'll swap over to HDMI and see if the issue is resolved.

  anchor 01 Sep 10

I have a new Panasonic with freeview HD, and it too defaults to the internal tuner when switched on, even with Sky turned on.

  dms_05 01 Sep 10

If you connect by HDMI lead you should find the TV remembers the last connected setting when next switched on. My Samsung does and I can rotate through the various connections by using the 'Source' button on the remote control.

As everyone else says you should connect using the HDMI lead otherwise you won't get HD just the older SD definition.

  dogbreath1 04 Sep 10

No joy with HDMI.

TV searches for HDMI enabled appliances and doesn't find any. Tried two different cables, but no joy.

  hssutton 06 Sep 10

On both our TVs, Sat are connected to AV1. Switching Sat power on second automatically switches the TV to AV1

  dogbreath1 08 Sep 10

Thanks for that. I'll try changing SAT to AV1.


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