SKY Digital

  ivesy 19:05 19 Oct 05

I've just noticed that when a movie is about to start on either TCM or Sky Movies I get the on screen message asking me for my pin like you do when you've ordered a Box Office movie! Has anyone else found this happening? It's a bit annoying if (it hasn't happened yet!) I've set the DVD recorder to record a movie when I'm not in to find I've recorded a screen asking for my pin instead! I've tried to contact Sky but I'm having trouble getting through in the evening.

  Newuser1030 19:32 19 Oct 05

Sky have put in parental safeguards over that last couple of weeks, best you go to or press 999 on your sky remote,which which explains all about the new safeguards and how to use them.

  ivesy 19:43 19 Oct 05

Doh! I never thought of that! cheers for the help

  Kase 11:24 22 Oct 05

ivesy, I had this problem with TCM and just thought Sky was trying to make extra money.

Newuser1030, Thanks for the info. I have the Sports package and just use Box Office for the Movies with a bit of TCM. IF its all about parental control I suppose I will have to put in a pin number for the football in future!!.

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