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Sky boxes

Does anybody know where you can get a sky box from and install yourself?
As I require one !
I know sky will supply one for £49 but want to install it too but it is not brain surgery to install yourself.
Any suggestions I would appreciate


  TOPCAT® 22:21 14 Oct 05

Michael Dranfield. I know from experience that he does a great job in repairing them and quite reasonable as well. He could well have one or two for sale that he will guarantee. Failing that, he could put you in touch with someone selling new boxes. TC.

He is in Buxton,Derbyshire - telephone:0129873989

  TOPCAT® 22:30 14 Oct 05
  BRYNIT 00:15 15 Oct 05

Your right they are easy to install. The only problem is if you do not get a signal when you have connected the digi box.

A fault could be anywhere from the digi box. The F connector on the cable connected to the digi box. The cable from the box to the dish. The LNB and last the dish may need adjusting.

  DieSse 08:56 15 Oct 05

Installing the box is no problem at all - installing and lining up the dish is the issue - you cannot just point and hope, you will need a signal meter and a reasonable amount of mechanical savvy.

  DieSse 08:58 15 Oct 05

Are you in the UK or elsewhere? Outsde the UK there are signal strength issues which will affect which brand of digibox, which LNB, and how large a dish you will need.

I ask only because if you are in the UK there seems no reason to me to turn down the Sky offer and spend a large amount on *doing-it-yourself* ??

  DieSse 09:00 15 Oct 05

PPS - If you buy *What Satellite* mag or similar, you'll probably find it stuffed wih ads for buying digiboxes.

I just want to replace my sky box with a new one as I have had my Panasonic for 7 years and it is getting faulty. I am a ex-sky engineer so just want a new box as I have all the equipment other than that .


  Starfox 17:22 15 Oct 05

Do a search for "used sky box" on e-bay and you will find lots of them.

  DieSse 09:33 16 Oct 05

OK - no probs - I only made the points as it did sound as if you might not be in the UK - and I'm well aware of the problems with that as I'm outside the UK. I've see lots of people try to *do-it-yourself* out here, without understanding what they're tackling!

The boxes generally reckoned to have the best tuner is the Pace 2300 (no longer in production), the Pace 430 is nearly, but not quite as good. This is very important in very weak signal areas (eg Spain) - but also in the UK they will give you better operating margins I would imagine.

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