Sky+ box to record Freeview.

Hi geniuses,
Does anyone know if it is possible to set up my Sky+ recorder to accept a cable Freeview set up?
Where I live satellite dishes are not allowed and I do not want to chuck it out.
Thanks in anticipation

  jack 18 Mar 10

If that is what is allowed in your area
carries a fair selection of SKY[but not all]
in addition to Freeview
But thats it if no dishes are allowed

  jack 18 Mar 10

As I haven experience of what a SKY+'box can do
is to experiment.
If you go for cable it comes with its own 'Box'

  morddwyd 18 Mar 10

Can't see a satellite signal and a cable signal being similar.

The Sky dish is dealing with an infinitesimal signal.

A cable signal, by the very nature of normal cable losses, will be much stronger.

If you don't get an answer here try the Digital Spy forums.

  Graham. 25 Mar 10

A dish needn't be mounted high on a wall. Anywhere in the garden with a clear view of the satellite will suffice.

  dms_05 25 Mar 10

The simple answer is NO. The Sky+ system will only work with a Sky subscription, if you cancel this then the + functions are lost. In any case it won't work with cable.

  Newuser2 17 Apr 10

I stand to be corrected dms_05 but I have been told that if you cancel your sky sub you still receive some channels, I'm not sure which ones but that's what I've been told

  CurlyWhirly 18 Apr 10

I haven't had a Sky+ digibox for years (as I'm now on Freeview) but when I cancelled my subscription, the recording facility stopped working but I could still receive the free-to-air channels.

I don't think this has changed.

  dms_05 18 Apr 10

Quite correct - as I said before the Sky+ features won't work. However the box will continue as a receiver only and will have no record or playback functions at all - regardless of the channel been Pay or FTA.

No Sky PVR will allow any input from an external source even if you have full Sky+ features enabled.


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