Sky+ box

  Kauly 14 Jul 13

  alanrwood 15 Jul 13

What was posted yesterday at 7.12PM

  alanrwood 16 Jul 13

I received an email from Kauly of which I was very suspicious and deleted it before downloading (I use Mailwasher). Any communication should be via this forum or not at all. I suspect a scam

  Kauly 16 Jul 13

Hi alanrwood. My apologies, I am new to these kind of sites and a bit naive. I can assure you that no deception was intended. I tried to read your original response to my inquiry, but I must have done something wrong. If you could please re-post your response I will access it from this site. Thanks Yours Kauly.

  alanrwood 16 Jul 13

My only response was in my initial reply.

All answers should come via the forum by posting your text at the bottom in the text box headed "Reply to this topic". Your original post should have a title that gives some idea of the problem and the first post should contain details of it to enable the rest of us to try and understand the problem and give a relevant response.

We receive some posts which are simply spam advertising and possibly malicious especially when the poster is making a very first post as your was.

Can I suggest that you leave this thread as closed as it has already been ticked and create a new one with the relevant details. There are lots of members here who will try and help if they can


This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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