Sim Card expiry & backup

  gazmix 26 Mar 09

I have a sim card in my phone that i've had for ages, years in fact!
Will it expire or wear out & is there a way i can back up all thats on my sim to another sim!

I'm on vodafone PAYG.

Also is there a way i can save the things i have in my calendar to my sim!!

My phone is a Sagem my401v


  Demora 28 Mar 09

I don't think SIMs expire. I have an old Genie SIM (Now o2) 11 years old.

What you may need is something like this click here
To back up the phone.

There are a few accessories on the web for the Phone you mention.


  gazmix 28 Mar 09

I have a bluetooth dongle that for some reason doesn't want to work!
I'm just concerned that the sim will get scratched or fade or something & i'll lose contact details!!
I guess nothing works better than a proper diary, old style!!

  Demora 29 Mar 09

A SIM card reader maybe click here

But if you have MP3s and pictures these would have to be backed up using either Bluetooth or infra red or cable.

As long as you keep the SIM in the phone until you change models or use in a reader then it should be ok.

Setting up some bluetooth dongles can be a bit of a pain, but once you do get them working they seem fine. You have to make sure that they are 'paired' etc.


  gazmix 30 Mar 09

The sim card reader is a great gadget, but i wonder how to transfer & if it will transfer things stored on my phone to the pc, things in calendar etc!!

  buteman 31 Mar 09

You can change providers and take your sim phone number with you.
I was with Orange PAYG.And moved to Asda's PAYG.


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