shutterspeed choice on a Panasonic FZ30

  imarcus2 13 Sep 10

Has anybody any idea why at maximum aperture [f3.7 at full zoom] the Panasonic FZ30 restricts the fastest shutter speed to 1/1000th second, but f5.6 it allows 1/1600th, and it's not until f8 that it allows 1/2000th?

seems a very counter intuitive constraint to me.

the constraint applies to Manual, P, or A or S settings.

  NewestRoyWidd1 18 Sep 10

Perhaps you should ask your question in here?

click here

  NewestRoyWidd1 18 Sep 10

Perhaps you should ask your question in here?

click here

  jack 18 Sep 10

Lets think it through.
f= the diameter of the lens into the focal length.
Thus higher the number the smaller the aperture.
The smaller the aperture the more light is required- so should be longer exposure.
This is the thinking in 'Film' photography
So what could be different.
Perhaps may be other factors are creeping in in the digital processing. Such as image noise, or full out aperture will result in barreling or pincushion
So the built in firmware has a hardener time to process it.
All conjecture of course.

  imarcus2 18 Sep 10


thanks for that advice -- did just that, and the answer turns out to be that the aperture blades also double up as the shutter, and so limits the shutter speed at widest apertures.


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