Set up wireless connection on blue-ray player

  Arren76 07:17 12 Jan 16

Here's what happens: I bought a second-hand Samsung 3D Blu-ray Disc Player and the model is BD-JM59. I met trouble when setting up the wireless network on it. This blue-ray player is second-hand and it doesn't have a user manual. I searched the internet and finally found a related manual, but the word image within the manual is so vague and I still don't know the setting steps. Here is the manual: 1.">[click here Can anybody explain it to me in details?

If anyone can offer me a more clear manual with diagram, i will greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  Forum Editor 07:40 12 Jan 16

Click here to download the Samsung manual.

The manual is in PDF format, and you can enlarge the diagrams as you need to.

  RV510 09:51 12 Jan 16

Is the player actually Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi ready? If Wi-Fi ready it means that you need a USB2 dongle that plugs into it for it to be Wi-Fi, these dongles are, if you can find one that is compatible, very expensive. Another way to activate the Wi-Fi is to connect the player to your router with an Ethernet cable, that will do it but in all honesty all you will be getting is YouTube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and a few pay-to-view services, in my opinion not worth the bother or the expense. here is a link to the PDF manual, click on the blue folder and it will download. click here

  Forum Editor 13:40 12 Jan 16

Help in stereo - same link from two people.

  anwarabir 12:38 10 Feb 16

Check it out click here

  RV510 14:53 10 Feb 16

'Help in stereo....'

Sometimes two heads are better than one.

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