Sending Photos With An S3

  dazzawm 21 Aug 12

After speaking to Orange it seems it is a problem with the S3 that all photos are sent as MMS therefore when received the other end they are in slideshow/video format and not a 'normal' photo. Has anyone else come across this and found a cure/fix? Orange suggested I downloaded an app for sending photos. Any suggestions on this please?

  sunnystaines 22 Aug 12

have you tried setting up free gmail and sending via gmail.

i use gmail to send photos all ok [i am not with orange]

  dazzawm 22 Aug 12

The problem is that is an email and not all recepitents have email on their phone which is why I need to send them as messages.

  Woolwell 22 Aug 12

They are a normal photo but part of an MMS. What do you want the recipient to be able to do with the photo other than view it? They should be able to save the photo to the phone's memory. How they do that will depend on their phone.

You and the recipients may want to consider Whatsapp

  lhalfman 23 Aug 12

does anybody have problem with connection sometimes? it freezes while i am on facebook sometime

  dazzawm 23 Aug 12

That is probably down to your ISP, also are you on it at peak times?

  dazzawm 23 Aug 12

If you are wireless that is and not using your phone network.

  techforce 10 Sep 12

Have you tried saving it from the phone inbox of the receiver? In some phones, you have to save the picture message from the message to the gallery for you to be able to view the photo later.

  Ericwatson 28 Sep 12

Im having problems with recieving mms as well. My friend on iphone sent me a picture and i get a Message size:XXX, Expires:date/time and then a "download" window so you press it but i end up with a picture failed to download when i try it.

Im wondering do you have to enable mms somewhere?

  Nontek 04 Oct 12


This is from the S3 instruction manual ...

To View a text or MMS,

In the application list, select Messaging. Your messages are grouped by contact as a message thread. Select a contact. Select a MMS to view more details.


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