Search an Rescue simulator game. help plz

  swanny2 09:10 02 May 06

hi i ve just bought a game called Search and Rescue 2 . its like a helicoptor game.
Now i bought it from a car boot .only a £.:)
Problem is ,ive installed it,but when i come too play the game ,it doesnt tell u what controls or what too use on ure keyboard.Now ive tryded pressing all the letters etc on my k/board but nothing happens.
While i was at this car boot i also came across a Quick Shot Joystick (50p) Ive connected this too my pc via the lead at the back ,now how do i get this too work? if it does at all , that is .I like simulator games .but not been able too find a good 1 yet or free one,for me too try .
any help appreciated.
im using windows xp media centre. An would like too get this game going ,as it looks good.
:O) Swanny

  Starfox 12:15 02 May 06

Not sure about the game but if you have connected the joystick correctly go to Start-Control Panel-and double click on Game Controllers, from here you can use advanced to set up and calibrate your joystick.

  Woolwell 13:04 02 May 06

Try this:

click here

  mole44 17:10 02 May 06

was the game in a box or have you bought a pirate version of the game,if its a pirate then you only have yourself to blame.

  driving man 17:57 02 May 06

ref joystick - if you have a usb enabled pc then old type joystick may not work.
ref game - have you explored the disc for "help me" files or something similar. finally if an oldish game try loading in compatability mode

  swanny2 19:29 02 May 06

No Mole it wasnt a pirate ass u call it. all boxed mate. i dont buy rubbish lol . .Ive tried gamecontrollers but this jstik isnt mentioned.its probably a old 1 .its called a Quick Shot. qs-201.cheers woolwell.i got the controls for the keypad,but none seem too work , agh well. ty all .
Swanny :O)

  mole44 20:07 02 May 06

sorry if i upset you

  Starfox 20:59 02 May 06
  swanny2 10:27 05 May 06

cheers all. still cant get it too work.maybe wont on xp. ty anyway . byee
Swanny :O)

  swanny2 12:18 10 May 06

thanks very much for all that mate. cheers all soerted.
Swanny :O)

  swanny2 12:18 10 May 06

thanks very much for all that mate. cheers all soerted.
Swanny :O)

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