sd card reader

  Daiol 18:30 27 Sep 06

Hi.I have a sd card reader built into the front of my pc,firstly i have adobe photoshop ellements installed.Now when i insert my sd card into the slot the adobe opens up,i dont wish that to happen i want the windows camera/scanner wizard to open up my sd card ive tried numeours ways with the options available through right clicking on the icon that represents the drive for the sd card,can anyone please assist with this very annoying problem hope so. Thanks very much in advance.

  lindyloo4 20:11 27 Sep 06

I have a similar reader and when I click on the drive icon I have the choices Open, Browse with Paintshop pro, explore, search etc. I click Open and save my photos to My Pictures from there. Is there a special reason you wish to open the card with your camera/scanner wizard? If so, sorry I have no idea how to do it.

  BRYNIT 22:40 27 Sep 06

If are using win XP click on thhe drive in my computer.

Click on the folders until you see the picture files.

Right click on a picture go down to properties this will tell you what program these files will open with.

Click on change and sellect new program.

  Daiol 11:43 29 Sep 06

Many thanks lindyloo4 & BRYNIT,for u'r replies have done what u both said everything is now okay,i just thought that as it was before i installed adobe when i connected the sd card to pc the camera/scanner wizard always opened up,but now adobe seems to be the default one to open up.Thanx, david.

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