SD card data not showing on Samsung Galaxy Ace

  Throbber 11:40 AM 17 Mar 13

I had to factory reset my Samsung Galaxy Ace recently. Before doing this I dismounted and removed my SD card, which had most of my apps on it. When I put the SD card back in my phone - no apps! It still shows as having about 4GB of SD card memory used, which was about what it had before, but shows no apps on SD card. Anyone know what's wrong and how to get my apps back?

  Woolwell 13:32 PM 18 Mar 13

Did you reinstall the apps? Did you back up the Ace to your PC using Kies before the factory restore?

  Throbber 12:04 PM 21 Mar 13

Hi Woolwell Not quite sure what you mean by did I reinstall apps. Do you mean from scratch by downloading them again from play? Or is there a quick way of reinstalling them if they are indeed still on the SD card? Does Kies back up apps? I certainly ran backup, but thought that it was quite limited in what it backs up - contacts etc but not apps. I'll run a restore from Kies and see what happens.

  jhonsonalina 08:14 AM 04 May 13

Are you unable to access your SD card data? Don't worry! To recover your corrupted SD card data you should use Stellar Phoenix. Its really works good.

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  morddwyd 08:31 AM 05 May 13

Exactly the same happened to me when I updated my Galaxy Nite to Jelly Bean.

I connected the Note to my PC and used Windows Explorer to copy the files from the card to the phone, where they are now available.

Don't know if you can do the same with the Ace, but it's worth a try.


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