scart connections.

  ribo 08 Jul 10

Can anyone help me please.
I have a Sony HD ready TV + a Humax PVR + a Samsung DVD Recorder.

At the moment I have the following set up.
Scarts= PVR (TV)-->TV (AV1)
PVR (VCR)---> DVD (AV2).
RF (aerial)=PVR---> DVD---->TV.
The DVD recorder does seem connected to TV.

I have tried
Scarts= PVR (VCR)--->DVD(AV2).
Same result.
I have HMDI connected from TV to PVR. but if I disconnect this, nothing is different.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. J

  hastelloy 08 Jul 10

I assume your DVD recorder isn't playing on your TV - your post isn't clear.

I'm not an expert, but it doesn't look as if you have a connection = scart from DVD recorder to TV except in your "I have tried" bit - this should work if you select the correct source on the TV. If your PVR is connected to the TV via HDMI, I don't think you need a scart connection as well.

I assume you want to be able to record from PVR to DVD - hence "PVR (VCR)---> DVD (AV2)"

  ribo 08 Jul 10

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, That is what I meant, The DVD isn't playing on the TV.
I do not want to record from the PVR, In fact I do not think I will want to record at all.(at the moment cann't think of a scenario when I might want to) I want to use is more as a player.
When I connected the DVD to the TV. I used=
DVD(AV1) -->TV(AV1). (as per the instruction in the DVD book). But it did not work. I tried changing the AV modes on the TV.
I shall try the scart from the DVD (AV1) into the other scart socket in the TV (smart Link).
Will also see if I can connect PVR and TV without the scart connection.
This will be tonight. will get back to you.J

  hastelloy 08 Jul 10

If you don't want to record from PVR to DVD you don't need to connect a scart from PVR to DVD. So you should just have HDMI from PVR to TV and scart from DVD to TV (plus aerial connections, of course). You should then be able to select an AV or EXT source to view the signal from the DVD or HDMI to view from the PVR.

  ribo 09 Jul 10

Thank you so much for your help. I did as you suggested and problem solved. J

  hastelloy 09 Jul 10

That's great news - and thanks for your thanks.


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