SatNav for Pedestrians.

  BishBishop 23 Apr 08

I need some advice.

My wife is visually impaired (part blind) and, apart from not being able to drive, also has trouble reading signs when walking. The solution seems to be a hand-held sat nav she can use while walking, however I have some concerns.

What we'd ideally like is a sat nav that is clever enough to not direct her the long way around one-way systems, as well as being able to identify shortcuts not available to drivers (i.e. through pedestrianised areas).

Nice to have features would be a large screen (for her eyes) and also a system that can be used in a car if needed (for me), but these are only afterthoughts. Price is not a great issue here as I am happy to invest in a product that will help her out.

Can anyone suggest a decent product for me please?

Thanks in advance.

  josie mayhem 23 Apr 08

You can use a mobile phone as long as it has GPS on it...

I've just got the Blackberry curve, via carphone warehouse, and this came with there Navigater already loaded... This software does give the option before getting direction whether you are walking or driving...

There are both other smart phones that can do this and also other software that you can get that all do the same... Whether they include the walk/drive option I don't now

Hope this helps

  JoeC 24 Apr 08

You can get a mobile with GPS on it or have a look at the Navman range of SatNav for cars as well. Some of them are portable - such as the one I have, the N60i. It has a nice large screen as well. Since I need glasses for small print, I prefer to use the Navman rather than my phone for walkabouts.

  Incony 27 Apr 08

click here

click here

click here

i take no credit for these links.. i used google.

  anchor 22 May 08

My new TomTom 920 includes the option for choosing a walking route.

As the device is new, so I have not yet had the opportunity of trying this mode.

On mine you have these options when route planning:

• Avoid motorways - a route which avoids motorways.
• Walking route - a route designed for making the journey on foot.
• Bicycle route - a route designed for making the journey on a bicycle.
• Limited speed - a route for a vehicle which can only be driven at a limited
speed. You have to specify the maximum speed.

Perhaps other TomTom models have the same options.

  Dizzy Bob 20 Aug 08

I believe that all of the tomtom models have the 'walking route' option.

I use the TT software on my smartphone, and have found the walking option very useful when in cities.

I guess it is worth a reminder about security when using it. I am sure there are some people who would not hesitate to liberate it if it were being waved around.

I am not sure if any dedicated sat-navs have a headphone socket so the unit could be kept in a pocket? I keep mine in my shirt pocket while walking, and use a basic headphone, looks like i have an mp3 player on.

Good luck

Let us know how you get on.



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