Satellite for UK radio/TV channels in Gambia

  ammacrazee 01 May 10

Is there a satellite that I can buy here in Gambia (West Africa) which will allow me to watch UK channels and give me access to BBC radio?

It's bad enough not to vote for the first time in my life but to do without the swingometer on election night is unthinkable.

  mole44 02 May 10

If by this you wish to own your own satellite you must be very very rich.However on the web search for the BBC and see if you can like us watch BBC output as it`s transmitted it`s a lot cheaper.

  dms_05 02 May 10

Can I suggest you go to a specialist website and post the same question there. You will get an answer click here

  michaelw 02 May 10

I think, and I could be wrong, that the UK broadcasting satellites are out of range in Africa. We couldn't do it in Kenya.

  mole44 03 May 10

satellites have a transmission "footprint" and uk Sky only cover the U.K. and parts of Europe.

  ammacrazee 03 May 10

Thanks for your advice.

As regards watching UK channels online I suspect the downline speed I have which is limited will makr online viewing impossible. A youtube video plays around 7 seconds before stopping to reload. The satellite dish I have (nilesat101) with a Eurostar Euro-9700 PLUS decoder will connect to BBC World which will probably be my best bet for election night.

Alas no Corrie for me but the sunshine here makes up for that!


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