Satellite transmitters - power?

  Graham ® 09:12 13 Mar 06

Transmitters use a tremendous amount of power - I know, I've been up Emley Moor!

Question is, where do those in space get theirs? From the sun?

  mole44 10:36 13 Mar 06

solar panels

  amonra 14:22 13 Mar 06

Dont confuse transmitter power with ERP (effective radiated power). Most mainline TV transmitters are in the order of 10KW, ERP can be 120KW.
Satellite transmitters are in the microwave band with very high gain dish aerials, so the power is relatively small. They have to be efficient because they only run on solar panels, hence low output.

  dms05 15:59 13 Mar 06

Most Satellite transmit on a very narrow beam compared to Terrestrial transmitters. And of course at the receiving end you have a very high gain satellite dish with an active LNB to boost the signal even more. By comparison Terrestrial antenna are very inefficient.

  Graham ® 09:10 14 Mar 06

Thanks all.

  rmcqua 14:34 14 Mar 06

And don't forget that the satellite is "line of sight" to the receiver antenna, so quite low transmit power can still produce good received signal strength.

  DieSse 22:41 14 Mar 06

Satellite transmitters are around 60 to 80Watt.

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