Sat Nav Beware

  jack 17:47 05 Apr 06

A friend mentioned recently that her Tom Tom- directed her through a hotel car park and up a country lane as a good direction to a certain location.

On a teletext piece to day- A route to location in Yorkshire was given as a main road, when in fact it is a bridle way -just about manageable with a 4x4 along a 100 ft cliff edge.

So beware where you are sent - you may be in for a big surprise.!

  Graham ® 19:36 05 Apr 06

It's Swaledale to Wensleydale. It takes you through Crackpot. AutoRoute gives the same directions!

  Wrabitt 21:00 05 Apr 06

Yes, jolly funny story.You would think there would be very few takers silly enough to try that!
However AutoRoute tells me to go from Barnstaple, North Devon to Glasgow (ie anywhere North) via Exeter (South). Another fine effort Microsoft...

  alB 21:06 05 Apr 06

Sat Nav is a navigation aid and not a navigator and ultimately you must decide whether to follow its instructions...alB

  ade.h 22:50 05 Apr 06

Crackpot? You'd have to be mad to live there.

(Groan, sorry!)

  jack 08:19 06 Apr 06

These system are as good as the compilers that set up the route - if they do not know locale- all sorts can do happen.
I have used Autoroute for for 20 years or so, long before Microsoft got their grubby paws on it. I had its peccadilloes then as to be expected for something
innovative - In the time M/S have had it they do not seem to have done much to improve it.

  AlanHo 16:49 06 Apr 06

My Garmin Streetpilot 2610 clearly shows the road through Crackpot as unpaved. You can set the unit to avoid unpaved roads if you so wish.

Perhaps the low cost sat-nav units are not so well equipped.

  Stuartli 19:13 06 Apr 06

The reason this happens is normally because users have selected Shortest Route.

The software provides that request.

But anyone who follows a sat-nav's instructions to go along a narrow gravel track miles from anywhere is the real Crackpot.

  beynac 21:49 06 Apr 06

To get on this track you have to ignore a "No Through Road" sign AND open a gate within full sight of the gravel track going up the hillside. I obviously have a huge amount of sympathy for the people who are misled in this way !!!

  dms05 13:30 08 Apr 06

The problem with townies is they expect 6 lane super highways everywhere. I've used the route through Crackpot over the past 20+ years (where the + is actually a large number) and it wasn't always gated and signed. Have you tried just going up the M6 around Birmingham - with my settings Autoroute (up to and including 2006) has always taken me off the M6 and along local roads as you approach the A38. Equally going down the A14 approaching Cambridge used to take you through a couple of farms as a sceinic detour. They are all just driving aids - your own eyes and brain are recommended as an accessory!

  kinger 20:44 08 Apr 06

I was repeatedly told to go right when it was clearly a one way street the other way.

Why I kept going round the block to see if she would change her mind, I don't know.

I 'phoned a friend who took me to my destination in the end.

Tom Tom Club obvioulsy can't update it's database everytime a road is made into a 'one way' system.

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