Sanyo DRW-1000 VHS to DVD

  keith mac 28 Nov 10

A friend in the USA recently bought a Sanyo DRW-1000 VHS-to-DVD recorder. It's a couple of years old and she's having no success with it. The unit does work and the recorded DVD will play back through the unit itself but not on any other DVD player, freestanding or PC. She's already tried various types and brands of disk.

It does finalise the disk (or certainly goes through the routine of doing it) as if it's being prepared for regular DVD players. I looked through the instruction manual to see if there were any alternative file formats which might somehow have been accidentally selected - again without success.

Failing any suggestions on the above, what could I get to use on her PC and how complicated would it be to set up and burn DVDs that way - she's a bright 83 but it needs to be straightforward and reliable - I'd get her started.

  BRYNIT 28 Nov 10

Although it may seem to have been finalised have you put the disk back in selected the relevant menu to check it has been finalised.

  ams4127 28 Nov 10

I have exactly the same problem with a Panasonic. Finalises the disk, but still won't play in another machine. I've never been able to figure out a fix for it.

  keith mac 28 Nov 10

BRYNIT - I can't recall if we did what you've asked but we tried recording several disks, even minus and plus varieties each time going through the correct procedure and cross-checking one another. Every one would have to have had a similar fault if it were the finalising process although it's possible that is failing...... I'll have to email my friend to ask her if she can find the menu you've mentioned.... Can't do it myself until January when we're due to get back there.

ams - yours sounds just like our problem - not looking good from what you've said....

  Confab 29 Nov 10

Perhaps you're recoring in VR mode?

click here

  keith mac 29 Nov 10

I don't remember reading in the manual that VR is an option when recording but I'll ask her to check.

The article whose link you sent refers to rewritable DVD but doesn't say if VR mode can be used to record on to regular, write-only disks.

Although that format would have no advantage for single-use disks, perhaps it's still possible to record in that format?

any thoughts, anyone?

  Confab 29 Nov 10

Possibly not a VR issue. Have a read here

click here

  keith mac 29 Nov 10

Reading the page whose link you sent it says that DVD-R disks are recorded in 'Video' mode and as such should be able to be played on regular DVD players

VR isn't an option if it's not a rewritable disk if I'm understanding the manual....

Things looked promising for a while.....shame

  Confab 29 Nov 10

Not sure what to suggest other than are you certain that she is recording on to DVD-R's?

  keith mac 30 Nov 10

Yes she's using DVD-R and has tried various brands in case of unsuitability.

The disks are accepting the transferred VHS video as the disks can be played in the recording unit itself - just not in any other regular DVD players.

very disappointing


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