Samsung TV - LE32S7 - Remote Control

  Border View 03 Mar 10

We have a Samsung LE32S7 Flatscreen TV. The remote control buttons for sound and program (both up and down on each) are not working as they should. You can press them for ages and nothing happens.

I have changed the batteries. Other buttons work without a hitch.

Questions - can anyone suggest how to remedy the problem with these buttons.

If I do need to replace the remote where is the best place to get one. I have been bouncing around the web this morning but cannot find the specific model LE32S7 on any of the web sites.

Do I buy an original or is there such a thing as a compatible.

  oldbeefer3 03 Mar 10

If you Google 'programable tv remote', you will find a vast choice if you are unable to locate the Samsung one.

  oldbeefer3 03 Mar 10

I have, in the past, taken a remote to bits and cleanded the pressure pad. The only fiddle is locating the securing clips which hold the case together.

  Border View 03 Mar 10

Thanks oldbeefer3. I havent been able to find the securing clips either.

  oldbeefer3 03 Mar 10

I was able to find them (on mine) by easing a sharp knife along the join - when it stopped, a little twist popped open that clip. Continued around the join for the rest.

  Shuffty 07 Mar 10

Try these urls the come a bit pricey though

click here

click here

click here

click here

  Border View 08 Mar 10

Hi Shufty = thanks for that. Looks like £43.99 is the going price for the one for my tv.


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