Samsung SIII Mobile phone on contract

  Liza 26 Nov 12

I want to buy the much talked about Samsung SIII on contract. Everytime I make an attempt to buy my particulars are taken but somehow it does not work. I get an email that there has been a problem. In one case I was even rejected. I have always bought mobiles on pay as you go but I have decided it is better to go on contract than have the trouble to top up and so on. I am retired and feel that that is the main problem. What is contract. Is it connected with the company and therefore they do not want to be saddled with a contract with a retired person? Any help? Liza

  Woolwell 26 Nov 12

I'm retired and have a contract. Suggest that instead of trying online with emails etc that you call into one of the many shops that sell mobile phones (the choice is vast), decide on which mobile operator that you want to use and ask about their deals.

  Nontek 27 Nov 12

I have a Samsung S3 on contract from Carphone Warehouse, I too am a retired pensioner, but no problems at all. Very pleased with the S3.

  jonasmarsh621 28 Nov 12

Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of the best phones on the market right now. Its features are way behind any other.

  Liza 28 Nov 12

Thank you all for your replies. Great! I will do that go to one of the shops and buy. Yes, I know Samsung SIII is the best.

All the best liza

  mnatives 28 Nov 12

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  shiewab 30 Nov 12

What "mobile marketing software" is doing here? I agree with jonasmarsh621, Samsung S3 is really really good one, it's totally worth to buy it with contract

  sunnystaines 30 Nov 12

I am retired found with galaxy 3, carphonewarehouse could not give me a contract with three, yet the three store did. no idea why.


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